I’m a (girl) boss (babe)

I’m a (girl) boss (babe)

I love this Cup. Its one of my favorites. I love the color, I love its size. It's perfect. Well, Almost. I say almost because of what it says. If you can't read it, it says Girl Boss Fuel. While I do love what it means (how many of us drink coffee to fuel us through our day), its the girl boss that bugs me.

We see it all the time, I'm a #girlboss, I'm a #bossbabe and so on. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against those that say this or live by this. But my issue is the girl part of it.

Yes, I'm a girl and I'm my own boss, so I am a girl boss. But why do I have to have girl in front? or babe at the end? why can't I just be a boss? Do we call guys who are bosses, boy boss? We don't, so why does it need to be used for women in business.

I do understand that a girl boss or a boss babe is a woman who is killing it in her business. But you can be just a boss who's killing her business.

Another issue is that girl boss and boss babe are starting to be associated with MLM and pyramid scams, This is the first result on urban dictionary:



Don't get me started on why this definition is an issue, that's for another blog!

But I digress. Back to the reason for this blog. I just want to be a boss. I don't want to have negative connotations associated with my title. I'm a boss, running my business, and I'm killing it!

I have to say this again I have nothing against those who say girl boss or boss babe. These are just my thoughts and feeling, please, no offense is meant. 

I hope I've shed some light on my cup (remember the cup that started this?) What are your thoughts? Drop them below and lets discuss! 


Until next time!

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