Am I In A Pyramid Scheme??

Am I In A Pyramid Scheme??

Am I in a Pyramid scheme??

Hmm, possible pyramid

Hi, my name is Adrienne Marie, and I may be a part of a pyramid scheme...

So did I get your attention. While in my mind I know I'm not in a pyramid scheme,
there are some people who would think otherwise.

There's a mindset that direct sales and MLM's are pyramid schemes. For those that don't know, a pyramid scheme is a "business model" where the whole purpose is to get your money, then use you to recruit others to get their money. so those at the top get richer, while those at the bottom lose money.

I'm with Paparazzi jewelry which is a direct sales company. It could also be considered a MLM. Does MLM always equal pyramid scheme? Short answer? No. Long answer? Well strap in because here we go.

So I told you what a pyramid scheme, so what's a MLM. MLM stands for multi -level marking. What that means is you become a distributor (or in my case a consultant). You then earn money by selling products (jewelry) and recruiting others to do the same.

Wait! I'm sure your thinking that sounds familiar, isn't that what they do in a pyramid scheme??? Yes it is, but the difference is that tht purpose of an MLM is to move product.

Paparazzi is the example we're using because I'm a consultant with them. We have a product that we sell. Can we recruit other people to sell as well? Yes we can. Can we make money without recruiting more people? YES!! Absolutely! There are people in the company absolutely killing it retail sales alone! Some are making 20k + a month selling jewelry alone, so its possible!

There's a great article that goes well into more details. I'll link it Here. They provide a checklist to tell the difference which I've included and will answer about Paparazzi

Stay with me, we're almost done!

First point: While there is a start-up cost, it's very low compared to other companies.

Second point: Paparazzi does offer a buyback program. They will buyback unsold, unopened inventory. 

Third point: Yes! who doesn't love jewelry. They keep up with hottest trends and colors for the season

Fourth point: Nope! we have a saying in our groups SOS - Survive on Sales, they push us to survive on sales and not on team commissions.

Fifth point : Same as above, Nope!

Sixth point: Not in the way they explain it. We don't get bonuses for signing up people, but we do get commission on their purchases. 

I hope this helps clear up any confusion about Paparazzi jewelry, MLMs and Pyramid schemes!

(Insert recruitment pitch here!) But seriously, if you do want to sell $5 jewelry with me, as an equal, leave a comment, or shoot me a message!

Until next time!


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